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Apex Insurance is an insurance company. The company entered the Top 10 insurance companies carrying out reinsurance activities in the insurance services market of the Republic of Uzbekistan
CRM for insurance companies
The program gives you the ability to drive sales more smoothly, manage new insurance claims, and improve the efficiency of insurance agents while maintaining an overall view of each team's productivity.
CRM allows you to build effective workflows for sales and claims handling. This allows you to forgo high commissions, reducing customer costs and making a profit at the same time. As a result, customers receive high-quality service, which increases their loyalty in the field of insurance services.
CRM for leasing companies
The solution "CRM for leasing companies" was developed to automate typical sales processes and agree on a leasing transaction, and is most suitable for retail leasing processes (for example, vehicle leasing).
The basic component of CRM is the client database, which contains information on clients, transactions with them, the current status of each operation. The convenient and intuitive interface of the integrated platform allows you to optimize the processing of information on customers, reducing the time for preparing a leasing agreement, purchase and sale, and other actions.
CRM for assistance
Single call center. With the help of CRM assistance, the company will be able to build a single center for receiving and registering insurance events, instruct the clients of insurance companies on the procedure to be followed in the event of an insured event, and inform them about the company's products and services.
The company's assistance contact center is the main assistant to the client. Often, a person's life and health depend on one call. Communication platform "CRM assistance" will help build a fault-tolerant infrastructure and provide customer support at any time.
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